Contra Costa County Man Charged in Identity Theft Case


Contra Costa County Man Charged in Identity Theft Case

The NC3TF assumed the investigation of three ID Theft cases involving the same suspect in East Contra Costa County.  Two cases were sent to us from Brentwood PD and one from Oakley PD.   In each case the suspect was found in possession of numerous fraudulent credit cards, stolen checks, fraudulent California Driver’s Licenses with the victims PII but the suspect’s photo, lap top computers, and magnetic card strip reader/writers.

The NC3TF conducted forensics examinations on computers that were during the investigations.  The search of the computer revealed Transunion Credit reports; bank statements, and complete credit card data for the over 20 known victims in the 3 cases.

In addition to the victims already identified in this case personal identifying information and health records were found for another 4,000 victims.  

The case was prosecuted by the Contra Costa County DA’s Office.   The DA’s Office combined all the cases and filed 14 Felony counts against the suspect.

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