NC3TF: Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force Services


High Tech Investigations Unit

At NC3TF the main focus is to investigate, apprehend and prosecute criminal organizations, networks, groups or individuals engaged in high technology crime which includes identity theft, Computer Network Intrusions, Phishing emails that result in a financial loss or loss of personal Identifying information, on-line fraud schemes, ATM and Credit Card fraud committed by means of electronic or computer related media, theft or resale of stolen computers, components, and/or high tech equipment, theft of cable or cellular phone services, and, counterfeiting of computer hardware or software.

Digital Forensics Unit

The Digital Forensics Unit provides forensic analyses on seized computers, cell phones, and vehicle infotainment systems to the law enforcement agencies within our area of operations.   We can also assist  by providing technical advice on computer-related issues such as search and seizure procedures, internet service provider information and website and email tracing.

If you suspect a computer may be the fruit of a crime, a tool of the offense, or contain useful evidence, contact NC3TF to help you properly prepare the case.