Cellebrite Evidence Repair Technician - Forensic (10/30/2017 to 11/03/2017)

The NC3TF is hosting the following Cellebrite course.   Course price:  $3,850 USD   Date:  Oct 30 to Nov 3, 2017

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The Certified Evidence Repair Technician – Forensic (CERT-F) course is a 5-day intermediate level program designed to teach investigators who encounter damaged mobile devices which must be repaired to facilitate extracting data in a forensically sound manner. In this highly interactive course, students will learn best practices and how to replace key components on mobile devices using proper disassembly and reassembly techniques. Students will learn how to use proper heat and basic soldering techniques to repair or replace components that include, but are not limited to: inoperative data and charging ports, broken LCD screens, power buttons, “home” buttons and other parts. Upon successful completion of this course, students may earn their CERT-F certification by completing a practical competency examination. The examination requires students to successfully diagnose and repair a provided handset and achieve a successful extraction using UFED technology. Attendees will receive a toolkit containing the items listed below as well as a solder practice board.


Former Health Clinic Employee Charged with Unlawful Access of Clinic’s Computer System

In March 2015, The Consolidated Tribal Health Project (CTHP) reported that their computer system was accessed on multiple occasions by an unauthorized person and patient records were compromised.  They were also missing data from their network, their email had been disabled and their web site was taken down.

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Theft of Cable Services

The NC3TF was contacted by Comcast Cable Corporate Security after Comcast became aware of a person that was obtaining an unusually large amount of Comcast equipment repeatedly in multiple Comcast stores.  Through their own investigation into these accounts they found that the person obtaining the equipment was a Stephen Sheppard.  Further investigation revealed that Sheppard had added himself to these accounts after they were open.  A more thorough review of Comcast’s own accounts then identified 207 accounts that had gone to collections for non-payment that also had a Stephen Sheppard who was later added to the account.   The loss to Comcast Cable for missing equipment and services related to Sheppard is $368,983.45.

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Former Healdsburg school district I.T. Manager pleads to computer crimes

The Healdsburg Unified School District (HUSD) reported to the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force and the California Attorney General’s Office, eCrime Unit, that an internal investigation by the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) revealed that an unknown suspect had accessed the HUSD’s computer network on multiple occasions over several months.  The IT staff’s investigation found that an unidentified computer had accessed numerous email accounts to include the HUSD Superintendents’ as well as files on the Superintendent’s office desktop computer.  

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Charges dismissed against former Healdsburg School District Director of Student Services        

THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | May 19, 2016              BY:    JULIE JOHNSON

The husband of a Healdsburg school official who became embroiled in a computer hacking investigation pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor computer crime in an agreement with prosecutors, authorities said Thursday.

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Healdsburg school district official charged with computer crimes  

THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | February 25, 2016        BY: JULIE JOHNSON

A Healdsburg school official and her husband turned themselves in this week after state prosecutors filed computer crimes charges against them stemming from a hacking investigation, according to the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force.

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Former College of Marin Employee Pleads Guilty to Computer Crime

The College of Marin reported that their IT Department had found that they had an unauthorized access to their computer network.   The case was referred to the NC3TF by the College of Marin Police.

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Healdsburg school district official suspected of computer crimes 


THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | February 12, 2016, 3:51PM

Investigators will recommend that computer crimes charges be filed against a top Healdsburg school district official in a case also involving her husband.

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No Contest Plea By Cyber Exploitation Website Operator

SAN FRANCISCO -- Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced today that cyber exploitation website operator, Casey E. Meyering, has pled no contest to one count of extortion, three counts of attempted extortion, and one count of conspiracy. He is expected to be sentenced on June 8, 2015.

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Richmond Women Arrested for ATM Fraud Scheme

On November 06, 2014, Deveon Brown and Tessa Carter were arrested by NC3TF Detectives at their home in Richmond on multiple counts of Identity Theft.

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Former Bank Manager Convicted of Financial Elder Abuse and Identity Theft

Eric Meals, a former Assistant Manager at Bank of America in Antioch, pleaded guilty today to three felonies: financial abuse of an elder, identity theft and unlawful intrusion for accessing customer accounts online from his home and cell phone.

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Home Depot Electronic Receipt Fraud

NC3TF Detectives worked with Home Depot Loss Prevention after a suspect who had been arrested out-of- state told authorities of a scam being perpetrated through the home Depot Pro Rewards app.   The scam consisted of opening a Pro rewards account, and then by deciphering the point of sale electronic receipt numbering logic, the suspects can attach sales made by other Pro Rewards customers along with their electronic receipts to the suspects Pro Rewards account.  The suspects then steal the corresponding merchandise and return it for cash using the electronic receipts. 

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Contra Costa County Man Charged in Identity Theft Case

The NC3TF assumed the investigation of three ID Theft cases involving the same suspect in East Contra Costa County.  Two cases were sent to us from Brentwood PD and one from Oakley PD.   In each case the suspect was found in possession of numerous fraudulent credit cards, stolen checks, fraudulent California Driver’s Licenses with the victims PII but the suspect’s photo, lap top computers, and magnetic card strip reader/writers.

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Rohnert Park woman to be tried in child porn case


November 20, 2014

Rohnert Park woman to be tried in child porn case

A Rohnert Park woman can be tried on charges of taking nude photos of two 11-year-old girls in sexually explicit poses and selling them on the Internet, a judge ruled Thursday.

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Richmond Couple Sentenced in Identity Theft case

Two defendants were sentenced to state prison today pursuant to a plea agreement in an eCrime prosecution involving 43 counts of identity theft and fraud stemming from a theft of $6.7 million in checks that had been deposited in a drop box outside a Charles Schwab office in Corte Madera on New Year’s Eve of 2012.

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Search of Cell Phone Helps Identify Intruder

A Marin County woman was awoken by an intruder in her bedroom.   When she awoke the suspect was photographing her with his cell phone as he attempted to sexually assault her.   The suspect fled the scene and the victim called 9-1-1.  Officers detained and later arrested the suspect as he was leaving the area of the incident. 

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Wine Auctioneer Convicted of Grand Theft

Joshua Krummenoehl, founder and owner of, pleaded guilty on November 12, 2014, to felony embezzlement, admitted to an excessive taking enhancement of over $200,000, and stipulated to restitution in the amount $501,510.68

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Wine auctioneer charged with grand theft

Napa Valley Register

The former owner of an online wine auction company has been charged with stealing more than $500,000 from a dozen clients, according to court records.

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Richmond Couple Charged in Identity Theft Case

43 counts of identity theft and fraud charges were filed in Marin County against Jason Ward and Ereka Wilkerson on Monday for a series of identity theft cases spanning four Bay Area Counties: Marin, Solano, Contra Costa, and Alameda.

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19 Year Old Petaluma Man Arrested for Extortion and Child Pornography

The NC3TF was contacted by Petaluma Police regarding an extortion and child pornography case they were investigating.   In this case two San Bernardino County girls, one 13 year old and the other 15met a 19 year old Petaluma man on-line and became Facebook friends.   The suspect had an on-line relationship with the 2 girls on and off for 6 to 7 months.

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Rohnert Park Woman Arrested in North Bay Identity Theft Case

The NC3TF received reports from the US Postal Service that 3 suspects have been purchasing American Express Gift cards from various Post Offices throughout the North Bay.  The gift cards were all purchased with stolen credit cards.  The total loss to the Postal Service is approximately $70,000.00.

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South Bay Couple Charged in Mail Theft Case

The NC3TF was contacted by Sausalito Police regarding reports of mail theft.  The case was assigned to a US Postal Inspector assigned to the task force.   The Postal Inspector sent mail theft notification letters to all of the residents of the addresses identified by the Police Department.  The letter included an alert to possible mail theft in their area. The letter requested the residents contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if any fraudulent activity was discovered on their financial accounts.

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Former Sonoma State student charged with stealing, posting risque photos of acquaintances

A recent Sonoma State University student is suspected of stealing risque photos from three women who he felt had spurned his advances and then posting the images around the Internet

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Pittsburgh Woman Arrested in Multi-State Identity Theft Case

In March 2013, the NC3TF was contacted by a Reno Nevada Detective regarding several reports of Identity Theft from a particular neighborhood in Reno.   All of the victim’s reported that the fraud was occurring in the San Francisco Bay area and based on surveillance footage the fraud was being perpetrated by an unidentified Female.

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Richmond Couple Arrested for Identity Theft

A Richmond couple, Jason Ward and Ereka Wilkerson were arrested for identity theft which included hundreds of victims throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with over $30,000.00 in identifiable fraud as well as the theft of 6.7 million in checks from a Marin County Investment Company.

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Oakland Woman Charged with Cyber Stalking

A San Rafael resident reported that he had been the victim of on-line harassment which included; harassing emails, texts, annoying phone calls, and fake Twitter and Facebook accounts opened under his name.   The web sites, Rip Off Report and Scam Informer were also being used to accuse the victim of sexually deviant behavior, to include rapes and kidnapping. 

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Identity Theft

On September 18, 2012, The Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force (NC3TF), a multi-jurisdictional Identity Theft and High Tech Crimes Task Force arrested an Antioch woman, Betheny Jordan for 34 counts of Identity Theft, Commercial Burglary and Access Card Fraud after a 3-month investigation. ...

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Capitola Man Arrested for Software Piracy

An investigator with the Northern California Computer Crimes task force contacted Michael Anthony Gomez, Jr., in April after spotting a post on Craigslist offering a copy of the computer program AutoDesk Revit for $50. The suggested retail price is $5,000. ...

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Identity Theft

North Bay: The NC3TF arrested a Northern California man suspected of Identity Theft. The suspect was initially identified when an NC3TF Detective followed up on multiple reports of Identity Theft originating from one apartment complex in the City of Walnut Creek. ... 

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Software Piracy

Walnut Creek: After receiving a complaint from Autodesk regarding a bay area Craigslist seller advertising Autodesk products for sale an NC3TF Investigator contacted the suspect by email. The suspect advised that he could provide any Autodesk product for $200.00. ... 

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Identity Theft

Vallejo: The NC3TF arrested a juvenile after receiving reports of Identity theft in which the common usage between the victims was a Vallejo fast food restaurant. After reviewing in-store surveillance of the employees the suspect was seen writing the victim’s credit/debit cards information on a pad of paper. ...

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Marin and Contra Costa Counties: Identity Theft

An arrest was made after a 7 month Identity theft investigation. The case began after Home Depot loss prevention reported that a subject was making multiple credit card and check purchases from the San Rafael store using the credit card accounts of victims from Tiburon, San Rafael, and Pleasanton, as well as checks...

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Contra Costa County: Identity Theft

A Caregiver for a dependant adult in Walnut Creek was arrested after the victim learned that someone had stolen her credit card and made over $18,000.00 in charges. The caregiver was identified through surveillance photographs as the person using the card. ...

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Software Piracy

In response to a complaint by Adobe Systems of a person selling their products on Craigslist and undercover purchase was made at a location in San Rafael. After confirming that the software was in fact counterfeit the suspect was arrested and booked into the Marin County jail. As search warrant was served on his residence and additional evidence items were seized.


Novato ID Theft - Marin IJ Article

Authorities investigate elaborate counterfeit, ID theft ring Police confiscated more than $1,600 in counterfeit bills. $1 bills had been washed with chemicals and reprinted as $50 and $100 bills. Authorities are investigating an elaborate counterfeiting operation involving stolen mail from throughout Marin County, credit card numbers of more than 200 people, counterfeit cash, fake checks, printers and laptop computers. ...

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Internet Fraud

The NC3TF was contacted by the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office regarding complaints about the proprietor of an internet auto parts company. In summary, after receiving payment from customers, the company did not provide the products. The NC3TF began investigating the company and discovered that over a 2-year period, ...

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Software Piracy

The NC3TF conducted a software piracy case after receiving complaints from the Autodesk Licensing and Compliance Department. Autodesk identified postings on Craigslist advertising AutoCad 2011 for sale. The software, which retails at $4,999.00 per copy, was being sold for $150.00. ...

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